Which is the best webinterface for configuring Nagios?


I have this question for you all. I’m tryng to find out which is the best webinterface to configure Nagios. I got a little list of web interfaces I found, but I it’s hard to find out if there is one that is really the best. Maybe you all have got experience with these interfaces, so please let me know!
These are the ones I know: NagiossQL, Fruity, Nagedit, Nag2Web, Nagiosconfig, Oreon.
I got a complete Nagios installation overhere, the goal is to make it easier to configure Nagios for “Non Nagios Experts”.

Thnx for your input!



Sorry, tried many of them, disliked all of them.
Non-nagios experts are NOT qualified to mess with nagios setup period. To let anyone just define a host and leave out it’s parent, etc, will make the status map like one big mess, showing the nagios process in the middle, with 200 hosts all connected to it. When in fact, that host(ftp server) has an interface card, that card is connected to a switch port, that port is on a switch, that switch is connected to … and so on.

Nope, not while I"m here. I’ve already trained about 6 people and they configure and maintain there own portion of the network.

The gui tools are no good for experts either, since they force you type all the information by hand.
With vi, I simply do a 6yy, p, change a couple words/numbers, and I’m done. I can configure about 10 hosts in the time a gui tool can do 3, maybe.


Thanks for your reply. My quest is not to find a gui that ‘does it all’. Just adding or removing one host, adding it to a a couple of groups is enough so less experienced users can add/delete one host. But the problem is these webtools also seem to mess up the config files, and this is not handy, because a mixed up config files structure is definitely not what you want.


I use NagiosQL…seems to fit my needs. It even allows for segregated permissions and can do imports of config files. The only catch is you need to run MySql to use it.


Agree with jakkedup, most of the GUIs are very limited compared to editing by hand. Personally I wrote many sed/awk/perl little snippets to help do things quicker, like converting a CSV file into proper config. Cannot give them out as they are too dirty though.

The only exception seem to be Centreon however then you’re locked into a semi-commercial software again. No way to revert back to Nagios one day.

Good luck


You might want to try out NagConf, which we recently made public.

See more at www.naguser.dk

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