Will Nagios do this for me?


Sorry if that’s not a correct section to post but I do not see better.

I already have database (mySQL) where I receive Syslog and SNMP logs from different systems.
I would like to clasify them and display with Nagios.
Will that be possible?
Another question about receiving Syslog and SNMP - will Nagios will be able to receive such traps or this software works only with agents?
And the last (sorry) - Will I be able to define in the browser what information I want to display and I can open, for instance, two browsere window on two monitors as monitoring screens?
Thank you


So, is anybody out there? Hello!
You know or you have no idea what this soft is?


AFAIK you won’t be able to do this. Nagios is a standalone monitoring system which checks hosts and services with it’s own sets of checks and plugins. I don’t know of any tool or Nagios feature that could import logs and traps from other systems. On the other hand I’m sure it could be modified to do that but with some major modifications which could be complicated.
If anyone knows something I don’t know, pls, correct my answer. I’m not an expert user of Nagios, so forgive me if I’m wrong.

You can view two instances of Nagios even in the same browser. Of course, then, you can view Nagios in two different browsers on two screens. But I’m not sure what are you asking with that, if you will be able to define what information you want to display. There are some extended info that you can write for each host you’re monitoring with Nagios, but don’t know if that will satisfy your needs. Check the documentation and see if it helps.


Hey gosforth,

nagios is robust enough to handle what you request and much more, but you’re missing how it works. Nobody has responded because these answers need to be understood by reading the FAQ and documentation at nagios.org

Some short answers to your questions:
Nagios is not really designed to read from an existing database full of syslog and snmp alert information. It is designed to run scripts, which return an exit code (0 = OK , 2 = CRITICAL) and then perform an action based on that result. If you’re gonna cut over to nagios, you’re going to want to set up your SNMP traps in your nagios service definitions.

I use syslog-ng as my syslog daemon, and it integrates into nagios very well. Check out the manual here, it has its own nagios section:
balabit.com/dl/guides/syslog … min-en.pdf

Check out screenshots of nagios for what you can display. It uses cgi pages which construct various pages of info. I reccommend grabbing a prettifying skin/CSS package for it called Nuvola ( nagiosexchange.org/Image_Pac … iew%5D=252 )
Nuvola uses a bunch of css and new graphics to make your interface look waaay better. We’ve got that skin on, and we’ve got a couple 46" lcd’s displaying nagios and graph info in our office