Winbindd and Nagios


I seem to be having a problem with winbindd on my proxy server (Cent OS). Every few hours I get a notification from Nagios that I have too many processes running. When I check, I around 180 or so processes running and the biggest majority of them are winbindd.

When I check my access_log in /var/log/httpd, I see where nagios has been logging in to check the status on the things we have it set to monitor. I see very little else.

I am not sure if the two are actually connected, but it is the only thing I see in my logs. Could it be that once Nagios “logs in”, does its check and then “logs out” that it is leaving a child process that does not terminate? When I check the winbindd.log in the samba directory I see entries like the following:

async_request_timeout_handler: Child PID 3061 is not responding. Closing Connection to it.

Not sure what that really means as I inherited Nagios from the last IT guy that was here.

Any help would be appreciated.