Windows 7 error


When I try to install Windows 7 professional (final version) under kvm I get an error that windows is unable to find the cd/dvd drivers.
Has anyone encountered this and why is it happening?


The precise error is “A required CD/DVD device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD or USB drive, please insert it now”.

My install command line is:
kvm -vga std -hda /mnt/newc/kvm/win7.img -cdrom /mnt/newc/temp/Win7/en_windows_7_pro*.iso -m 1024 -smp 2 -boot d


Are you able to access Device Manager? Does it give more info about your missing device there?


No since the install has not proceeded… nothing else can be accessed except browsing directories to try and find this missing driver which should have been included in the installation dvd after all…