Windows 7 guest



I installed Windows 7 as a guest. Installation seemed to go off without a hitch and completed successfully. However, after I went to startup the virtual machine I get the following error:

kvm: vm entry failed with error 0x80000021

If you’re runnning a guest on an Intel machine without
unrestricted mode support, the failure can be most likely
due to the guest entering an invalid state for Intel VT.
For example, the guest maybe running in big real mode
which is not supported on less recent Intel processors.

kvm_run returned -22

Googling “unrestricted mode support” says it applies to 16 bit guest OS which Window’s 7 isn’t. I am running on a Intel i7 870 CPU.

Starting up kvm as such: kvm -hda /dev/virtuals/windows7 -m 2048 -cpu host -boot c