Windows Config Issue


I’m an Win Admin looking to use Nagios from a Ubuntu Server box to monitor about a dozen Windows boxes. I’ve chosen Nagios for the price and ease of setup (first time linux install and setup and it took about an hour from blank box to having nagios return information from the first server). I’m using nsclient++ version 0.3.1 on a windows 2003 server but I have an issue. After I got everything installed and configured on the first 4 servers I now am getting from 1 server that explorer.exe is down and from another that it can’t return the c drive information.

I change the windows.cfg from 'E’xplorer.exe to 'e’xplorer.exe and now it is reporting that the service is ok. But another server that I’m using the same line for is now reporting explorer as down.
So question 1) Is nagios like linux case specefic or is there some other issue
Question 2) is the follwoing the proper format for the windows config file

# Create a service for monitoring the Explorer.exe process
# Change the host_name to match the name of the host you defined above
define service{
        use                     generic-service
        host_name               Nigel,Nemo,Vishnu,Shiva
        service_description     Explorer
        check_command           check_nt!PROCSTATE!-d SHOWALL -l explorer.exe

(yes I relize question 1 should probably be question 2 and vice versa)


The windows config looks fine… I noticed that error as well on a few machines and decided that explorer really wasn’t a process I wanted to be monitoring… Switched to service monitoring and have had zero issues…