Windows monitoring from Linux server


There’s something I’m missing about the setup of plugins, I hope someone can assist. I have Nagios 1.2 installed on a linux box. I want to check that a particular process is running on my Windows workstation. I believe I can use the plugin check_process, however that plugin doesn’t exist in my libexec. If I go to download that plug-in, it seems the install is only for a windows server and not on a linux server (.wsf extension). So then I was reading and it seems that NRPE can help with checking services and such on windows boxes. I know that it would require the netsaint utility on the windows box. So I’m at the point that I don’t understand how to get the check_process plugin installed on my linux box… not sure it it requires installing the latest and whole plug-in package or if I can just install the one check_process plugin. And I’m not sure if I need to use NRPE to use the check_process plugin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


For boxes which can’t run the .net framework, use nsclient instead.

With either you can use the check_nt plugin on your Nagios server to interrogate the Windows box. With NC_Net, I believe you have built-in nrpe functionality but I confess I’ve never tried it.

If your windows box is running MS Exchange, be a bit cautious about what port number nsclient or nc_net is using as it might occasionally clash with Exchange.