Windows service names in Nagios 3


I’m totally new to Nagios. I installed Nagios 3 on a Ubuntu machine and it seems to work fine except when I deal with Windows services - the ones I’ve tried so far report something like this:

***** Nagios *****

Notification Type: PROBLEM

Service: IIS Admin
Host: winxp197 (My PC)

Date/Time: Fri Feb 8 16:01:53 PST 2008

Additional Info:

IIS Admin: Unknown

Is it telling me that it doesn’t know about the IIS Admin service? Are spaces a problem when specifying the service name?

The cfg file has this in it:

define service {
use generic-service
host_name winxp197
servicce_description IIS Admin
check_command check_nt!SERVICESTATE! -d SHOWALL -l IIS Admin

I also tried the service with double quotes around it. I get the State: WARNING no matter whether IIS Admin is started or stopped.




I don’t really know what’s the problem, but after trying the check_nt command, I found out the correct syntax was:
check_nt -H sw0129 -v SERVICESTATE -l “IIS Admin” -d “SHOWALL”

Also, when you want to do a check, you should separate all your arguments. So, instead of writing “-d SHOWALL -l IIS Admin”, you should write “!-d!SHOWALL!-l!IIS Admin”

hence, your check_command should maybe be:
check_command check_nt!-v!SERVICESTATE!-d!SHOWALL!-l!IIS Admin!

with your command check_nt is defined as:
define command{
command_name check_nt
command_line $USER1$/check_nt “$ARG1$” “$ARG2$” “$ARG3$” “$ARG4$” “$ARG5$” “$ARG6$”

I hope this will help you :slight_smile:


not sure if this actually works or not (lol) but i used :-

define service{
use generic-service
host_name 3mplanet-web01
service_description IIS
check_command check_nt!SERVICESTATE -d SHOWALL -l IISAdmin

I get an “OK” in my nagioadmin window so guessing it’s working hehe

only one way to find out (stopping IIS!) which i can’t really do at the moment :frowning:


Well, I see not “it worked” or “im still stuck” reply so I thought i would add that “W3SVC” is the WWW Publishing Service’s name

should work I believe

by the way, if you are wanting to monitor a service with a space in it’s name, use
check_nt!SERVICESTATE!-l “The Service Name” -d SHOWALL


for other that want to find out other Window services like me but are having trouble you can find it under the registery


as i have foud this website very helpful so just want to give something back cheers


You can also open the services.msc and go to the desired service that you want to monitor. Right-click and open properties. The first thing that you see on the top is the exact service name. I prefer this instead of opening the registry.


Yes I know that’s the quicker way but when you get to a service like Network location awareness the process is ‘C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs’ how would you add that in nagios? you can’t so you have to do it through the registery