Wireshark geoIP function


Hi to everybody whos reading my msg

Thank you for this wireshark forum. I am using it the first time and hope to get some help from the community.

I like to use the GeoIP function in Wireshark. So donwload all the plugins, activate the Name Resolution etc. Everything is working fine. I see also the Country, City and ASN informations in the iP Header and also under statistics endpoints.

BUT: the favourite thing doesnt work. to show the geo location on the openstreetmap. If I click under endpoints IPv4 the map button, it creates me the ipmap.txt file properly in the temp folder and start to load the ipmap.html.
For any reason it just shows me a blank page. I had a look at the html code, which points to java script (btw: java is enabled in my browser). Also checked my firewall settings, in case I deactivated it.

Any idea from you would be great and hopefully helpfull.

here is a part of the ipmap.html code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Wireshark: IP Location Map

Thanks a lot in advance