Wireshark installation problems


I tried to figure it out on my own, but WinPcap (or however you captialize it) is where i got stuck.
My problem is that installation is a no-go, and so is writing to the windows installation directory, or anything under it.
I got wireshark to work by installing it on another computer and plopping it on my flash drive, but when i open it it asks for some dll files.
Any ideas? I’m thinking it can work, cause i’ve had other applications that require dll files, but allows them to be in the system32 folder, or in the current working dir, but i can be wrong cause i dont know much about windows.
The machine i used to install the windows wireshark was a Linux machine, cause it was the most readily available. Wireshark installed fine and allowed me to copy the files, but im not sure what exactly what files need to be copied from winpcap. Also, the installation of winpcap breaks on Linux, and the are multiple copies of all the drivers contained in the exe file so im not sure which one i need.
The machine im going to use wireshark on uses an ethernet cable to connect to the network, and has a bunch of stuff between it and the internet. It’s OS is windows XP.


Look at http://www.wireshark.org/download.html
There is wireshark version for :

  • U3 : you must have a compatible USB key
  • PortableApps : I do not think it needs a specific USB key

I never tried them.

But I still not sure it will works,
since WinPcap is mandatory to capture anything
and it needs to have the Administrator rights to retrieve the interface list.




Do I understand that you tried to install Windows Wireshark on a Linux machine? Is Wine set up on it to allow this? WinPcap is specifically Windows and pretty low-level at that and not needed in a Linux install. Sounds like needless trouble.

Was Wireshark for Linux not available for your distro? Hard to understand that. Check the above address and your distro’s repositories.