Wireshark on a Mac launching badly and not capturing


I am running Wireshark 1.0.2 on MacOS X v.10.5.6. I hope some Mac or BSD folk are here…

On launch, the WS icon appears in the dock for a moment and turns into the ‘X’ icon. Launch again and WS runs, but without seeking the root password.
When starting a capture, it stops with the message:
“The capture session could not be initiated ((no devices found) /dev/bpf0: Permission denied).”.

I can understand that the failure message was a result of the lack of password. I need to reinstate the security, maybe? Since this is not a fully kosher MacOS X prog, it seems not to make use of .plist (I can’t find one) so the first-aid of destroying that is not available. What should I do? Especially as I have had a number of versions of WS on my Mac and feel - like Windows - there might be files the are interfering with this latest installation and need to be zapped.

(What’s /dev/bpf0 anyway?)

I apologise as this this post has appeared before in discussions.apple.com to no avail as it got diverted into a fanboy hissy fit re non-Apple browser usage. True, alas.


Hi try to use ActyMac DirtyWatch .I have Leopard and use it for monitoring my employees as wireshark.