Would like to install Nagios on Windows 2003 server DC?


TO all the Nagios Gurus :wink: any tricky configuration I should watch-out for?? Also I would like to install Nagios on our Exchange 2003 too later?

So can I just download Nagios 2.0 on our DC and follow the installation Doc, but I see it say it is for LInux the installation doc ??

Thanks a lot for help, would really like to be a Nagios fan even I am a MS guy :wink:


you need a *nix box to run nagios. and you don’t need to install it on the servers you check.



Read the install docs and have a go. Have been a Microsoft person for years and because of Nagios and Cacti (cacti.net) I needed to get to grips with Linux. Once you get started and can spend a few days on it, it does get easier.

Nagios is a good enough reason to get into Linux!!


Thanks for the reply guys. Any *nix flavor that u would recommand that works best with Nagios.

I guess I got no choice to learn *nix now !lol

Also the site for downloading the free *nix would be very helpfull.

Thanks a lot


personally i like Debian… as i can install it without GUI and quite fast from the net. debian.org/
for an easier install and a usable GUI i suppose fedora would be a good start. fedora.redhat.com/


So basically I need to install Fedora fedora.redhat.com/download/
on a box as a server I would think or could it be a client?
And then install the Nagios?

Thanks for help :smiley:


You could install it as a server, yes. Specifically, you’ll need to have packages for a webserver installed so that you can monitor and administer Nagios through the web.

Personally, I just do a “Custom” install of Fedora and install whatever packages I think I’ll need for whatever role that machine will play in the company network.

So basically, how you choose to install Fedora depends on your needs and how comfortable you are with Linux.

And then, yes, you’ll need to install Nagios. Best option --> from source.


Just gonna throw in my two cents here-

As far as a beginner Linux, I think Ubuntu is the way to go.


It is really easy to get up and running with little to no hassle. Based on Debian, so you have all of the neat apt-get features.

If you like I can provide you with a pretty short set of steps to get Nagios running on an Ubuntu server install.


Found Fedora was much better with Nagios then Debian - you may find it different of course, but I did try both variations before deciding.

btw, Fedora has a Redhat equiv. of apt-get called yum. E.g. yum install glib


Better yet, CentOS is simply Redhat ES but without the Red Hat icons.


I’d be interested in the setps to get Nagios up and running on an Ubuntu server. I’m a Linux novice and can use all the help I can find.

Thanks in advance!


Linux for Human Beings? It’s linux, so follow the step by step docs and install it from source. The docs tell you how to create a user, how to create a directory, the whole 9 yards.