Yay! I broke it!



Yeah. I did.

Here is what happened. I watched my nagios box chug along with an uptime that hit a little over a year. I thought about getting it a cake or something, but instead decided that I was going to update the ubuntu server distro it is (was) running on and reboot it…

Now, I no longer have a nagios.cmd. Like anywhere.

I guess the apt-get decided i needed a newer version of nagios and… Ate it? I don’t know.

I backed up all my config files for servers and services, but without a nagios.cmd the app wont launch. Ssssso… Am I looking at a complete reinstall?


No, just create the file per the nagios source install docs and make the file location match your particular install locations.


I mean create the folder, not the file. The file is created by nagios if you have the folder setup with the correct permissions.


well that was easy. thanks as always man.