17 hours of total sleep time in 8.5 hours time?

I went to bed around 23:30 and got up at 08:00 the next morning. However, my THIM (in tracking-only mode) reports I slept for 17 hours… How is that even possible?

What times did you begin and end sleep according to the graph (below the fold)? You might have double tapped to begin before you started to sleep?

Let’s see… It said I started at 11:29pm (which is correct), and it says I woke up at 4:28pm the next day (which seems odd since I actually woke up around 8am, and uploaded my data to my phone around that time).

I’ve used it 4 times now. I set an alarm for the morning and then sync data after. Mine seems to be fine. I wonder why yours kept recording after you woke up? Did you set an alarm? I wonder if an alarm is not set - does the user need to manually cancel the program? Just a theory. Because otherwise there is no input stopping the sleep tracking. I might test it tonight.

That’s the whole thing. I had no alarm, so I ended the tracking and uploaded the data at 08:00am. It then already told me I had been sleeping until 4:28pm (8.5 hours into the future).

The days after that glitch it tracked correctly though.