3-D status map editing


When i click 3-d map, all of the host are link to NAGIOS icon. How can i change the linking of those host. Lets say i want to link HOST1 to HOST2 since HOST2 rely on HOST1. stuff like that.

Also, can i change the green box icon of those host. I have service and host extended configured but I believed it only affect the map not the 3-d one. :cry:


i suppose they are linked to the nagios host on the 2D map too…
you need to define parents in the hosts configuration



I agree, it sounds like your 2D map will be the same way.
Please read this:

When you defined your hosts.cfg file, you ignored the parent/child relationship entirely. So, you have in your status map, just what you told nagios. You told nagios that NOTHING has a parent, so nagios has to ASSUME that the nagios process itself is the parent.

Of course we know that is NOT true right?

I think most people like nagios to simply monitor hosts. But remember, these hosts connect to a network, and many times, problems are on the network, and not the host. So map out your netork and show that in the 2d status map.

If you read the url I posted above, you will see that what you end up with is this:
Status map now shows the nagios process connected to a host (central nagios server), it connects to it’s eth0 ehternet card, that card connects to a switchA via port 15. Switch A port 1 connects to switchB port 24. HostA connects to SwitchB port 4 via it’s eth0 card. HostB connects to SwitchB via…

You see what I’m getting at? You don’t want 200 hosts, all connected to the nagios process in your status map, it looks rediculous and entirely not logical. These hosts connect to switch ports on a switch. So define them.

You may think thiis is a waste of time. But I"ll tell you, it has helped us alot when a cable is broken, or a port goes bad, etc. It’s happened more than you think. Plus, your boss is going to look at your status map, and say “WOW, we now have a schematic diagram of our complete network layout, GREAT JOB!!”
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BTW, my boss has recently told me he is going to send me to our other plant. I’ll be mapping out there network switch by switch, and showing the schematic layout of there network in nagios status map. This truly states the power of nagios, when done correctly. We have people from our Corporate parent company talking about me and my nagios setup and how it didn’t cost anything, and how powerful it is.

I love my status map and you should too, so do it right or just don’t do it at all.


Thanks!!! it works!!! Is there any way that I can make more understandable of my status map???


Why is it not understandable? Mine shows the name of all the switches, all the host, all the ports used to make these connections, so what more would I need?


Yowza - outstanding. I now have the next 3 months of work mapped out for me. You could do with some work on the icons though :wink: