3-D Status Map with Gentoo Linux & Firefox. How?

Hi all!

I’m having some trouble with the 3-D Status Map on my work station. When I select this option I see (part of) the status map for less than a second, and then it’s gone…

How do I get this map to show correctly? Under ‘about:Plugins’ I have the following:


    File name:
    V3.1 VRML/X3D with FreeWRL. from

MIME Type 	Description 	Suffixes 	Enabled
x-world/x-vrml 	FreeWRL VRML Browser 	wrl 	Yes
model/vrml 	FreeWRL VRML Browser 	wrl 	Yes
model/x3d+vrml 	FreeWRL VRML Browser 	x3dv 	Yes
model/x3d+xml 	FreeWRL X3D Browser 	x3d 	Yes
model/x3d+vrml 	FreeWRL X3D Browser 	x3dv 	Yes
model/x3d+binary 	FreeWRL X3D Browser 	x3db 	Yes

im using the CORTONA vrml plugin… possibly a different plugin works…