4.8 second delay time every 10 seconds


Hey all, I’m having a problem with idle workstations randomly dropping their connections to a custom-made SQL database. I’m not a SQL guy, and the company that built us the database can’t find anything wrong on their end so I’m working from my end. One thing I found is that about every 10 seconds the workstations are showing a Delta Time of about 4.8 seconds in an SMB packet. I’m trying to find out what the previous packet number is so I can find out 4.8 seconds from what. I’ve found in TCP packets that there’s a [SEQ/ACK analysis] section that lists the previous packet (am I revealing my ignorance in packet analysis yet?), but in SMB packets the [SEQ/ACK analysis] section doesn’t have that information. Where can I look to find the packet reference that will help me find what’s causing the 4.8 Delta Time every 10 seconds and hopefully bring some stability to this problem?

Thanks for reading my first post,

Joe B