500 Internal Server Error


I’ve been trying to set up Nagios on Ubuntu 9.04 for the last week and keep running into problems. At first I was using the quickstart guide on localhost/nagios3/ but now when I try to log in I get a 500 internal server error.

I’ve tried to go back through the quickstart guide again and there seams to be parts missing. For instance there’s no /usr/local/nagios path and steps 4 & 5 return no such file or directory errors when I try to verify them so I’m pretty lost on what’s missing, where I get it from, how I install it, etc.

I have very little experience with Linix (this is my first jaunt into Linix land) so verbose step by step not assuming that I’ll know something help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I’ve found etuts.resourcesit.com/2009/0 … re-nagios/ and I have the /etc/nagios3 folder but I’m confused as to whether or not following this guide will solve my problems.

EDIT: I did the;

cd /etc/nagios3

sudo htpasswd -c htpasswd.users nagios

part from that guide and we’re now into the localhost/nagios3/ interface, now to figure out how to configure and monitor things with it.