A few questions on the Status Map


Ok, so I’m fairly new to Nagios - I’ve got it working well and I’m working on my statusmap. I’m able to place things where I want and define icons just fine. I’m using Nagios 2.0b4.

Here are my small issues:

  • In the status map even though I’ve defined icons for each item I get this little “bullseye” behind each image? It’s quite large and is making the map very ugly. Any way to remove this?

  • I’m planning a rather large map - is there a way to have Nagios scale it down? Right not it seems there are limits on the dimensions of it and I won’t be able to fit my work in.

  • How do I “draw” the connection lines between devices? In the example map in the docs there are nice pretty lines (like if you have it set to auto-generate the map for you). Where do these come from the docs don’t mention them at all.

Thanks in advance!!!



-the bulsleye should appear behind one of the icons… “centered on”? never got what it means…
-i don’t think there are size limits… it will get bigger if you add elemnts.
-connection lines are drawn when you have parentship relations defined.

Give nagiosmap a try. quite handy and useful :slight_smile:

Ciao, Luca

PS: Stupid question but i try anyway… i know many Ross Carlson exist… but does VATSIM say something to you? :smiley:


ups… forgot to login… :slight_smile:




Thanks for the help. Nope, sorry, VATSIM doesn’t mean much - must be the wrong Ross!

I figured it was the partnerships that was doing the lines - I’ll do those next. I also am going to try nagiosmap - I’m doing this remotely over SSH so I’ll have to export my X session when I get home.

As for the bullseyes I’m still confused. Can I get ride of them? They are behind all my images and are about 2x the size of the images… I’d really like to get rid of them…

Just so we’re on the same page here’s a sample of my current map





i suppose when you define the parentship relations they will go away… and only show on hosts on the same level…
possibly checking the docs could help us further, but i’m in no mood for doing it right now… just got home… now it’s time for food and a good glass of wine. :smiley:


BTW I figured out the dependency lines - its the “parents” directive in the “define host” section. VERY simple - VERY cool!!!

Oh, and that go rid of the bullseyes so I think I’m good to go!!!

Thanks for the help!!!