A question to nagios pro's


I have 16 hosting servers I need to monitor. I have 2 options and am hoping that I can get some feedback on which way is best.

Should I:

#1 Dedicate a local box with nagios to monitor these servers?

#2 Install nagios on a vps located in the data center?

I am located in NY and my servers are located in Tampa FL (USA)

The connection here at the office is Time Warner Roadrunner business class broadband.

I am currently adding on about 1 server every 6 weeks so I need to keep future loads in mind as well in my set up.

Any suggestions?



It depends on what you plan to do… and what firewall limitations you have and what cost restrictions you have :slight_smile:

If having an extra server isn’t an issue i’d use a server in the same location, then put all possible checks on it, memory, disk, load, network etc.
the only need would be for a port 80 firewall rule to the nagios server.

if you use a local server you need to consider the load of the checks with possibly some delays, the relative firewall rules and possibly sooner or later the need to move the server for some reason.

If you already know the server number is going to grow continously you may also start immediatley with installing nagios on each server, have all checks done locally and have the results sent to a central nagios server which only shows the results (which may at this point be in either location)…

There are pros and cons for each solution… in the end: it depends… :slight_smile: