Accuracy of Nagios


Hi I set up a VM with Nagios and Webinject running FC5. On the same hardware I had another VM with WebWatchBot running WinXP PRO.
Im using a 10Mbit Internet connection so there woulnt be a bottleneck at my end.

Over a 1 week period I was monitoring the same website.
Task 1: Login and search for a document
Task 2: Logout from site

Nagios AVG Resp Time
Task 1: 0.5 sec
Task 2: 0.6 sec

Task 1: 1.7 sec
Task 2: 1.3 sec

I was expecting to get similar results but it wasnt the case. I dont undertand how it took longer to logout of a website then login and find a document - Nagios case.
The WebWatchBot results make more sense but at the end of the day how do I really know if those time are really accurate?

Any comments


My guess is that as part of the logout process it writes some cookie or something and that takes the time. WebWatchBot is bound to take longer; it’s running on WinXP :stuck_out_tongue:


I can see now, that I really really like this guy. :slight_smile: