Acknowledge only access for standard users


we have issues with users disabling checks or notifications rather than Acknowledging. I would like to be able to allow them to Acknowledge a problem via the web interface but not disable checks or anything else. can’t seem to find a way to do this within the cgi.cmds file.


I think the only way is to modify the sources to disable the links you don’t want the users to use, recompile and install.

the right way would be to LART the users… but i understand it’s often not possible… :slight_smile:


It will take a bit of study, but you can use htaccess files for authentication and then configure the cgi.cfg file to grant permissions to some users to view status but not issue commands.

Or put another way, remove those user from the “authorized_for_systems_commands” line.


that would disable acknowledge commands too i suspect.


You’re right. I forgot that the cmd.cgi takes care of all commands and that there is not a separate “acknowledge” command.

Take a look at this post: … os-emails/

The guy wrote his own acknowledge script to enable people to acknowledge by email. That should be a pretty good start for you.