Active Checks

My Active checks used to work fine till last week. But suddenly they have stopped working and not getting checked.
If i configure new check, they remain in pending state and already configured alerts have not refreshed their status from last week.
Configuratiuon checks produces no errors.
I have tried flushing status.dat and retention.dat files but still no Luck.
Can anyone help in getting it fixed.
it’s Urgent as my production environment is getting affected

What active checks? service? host?
what version are you running?
why are you posting the same problem in a nagios thread and in the icinga section?
Have you tried running the checks by hand?
In the other thread you say the checks return a NULL, so are they being run and return NULL or are they NOT running?
did you update something?

If you ask for help “ASAP”, at the very least you should try giving some useful information…