Active Directory 2003



I’ve been trying to check the LDAP service of a Windows 2003 without success.
I execute the following check command:

./check_ldap -H lalala -b DC=xxxxxxxx,DC=xxx

And it returns:

Could not search/find objectclasses in DC=xxxxxxxx,DC=xxx

The ldap ports are open on the server:

389/tcp open ldap
636/tcp open ldapssl

The strange thing is i’m checking the same services on Windows 2000 (Old Active Directory) and it works fine.

Is anyone aware of a bug on this check for win2k3? Or any idea of what could it be?

Thanks in advance.


Did you get this sorted out? I got it to work ok with our 2003 server with this line:

./check_ldap -H -b DC=blabla,DC=com -D CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=blabla,DC=com -P password

Also, I didn’t have to tell it a port this time… but usually when we connect from other things to our 2003 AD server we use port 3268