Adding switch access credential inside Nagios switch.cfg



I need some advice on how to edit switch.cfg script file.
Currently, I have configured Nagios 3x in Ubuntu(Ver 10) server. Around 50 cisco switches being monitored. But the problem is, for each switch
there is SNMP access credentials(username/password) set. Does this mean, inside the nagios switch.cfg, I must also include the switch access
credentials so that Nagios will be able to access the switch? If thats the case, how do I edit the switch.cfg script file…?

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you.



switch.cfg is a text file just edit it as such … how did you edit it to modify your nagios config?

where the data will be is either the service definition or in the command definiton, you might want to have a look at templates and user macros too.