Advice for first timer

I am going to try this nagios for the first time. After looking at what nagios does would I be correct to install it on a server of its own instead of on one of the servers being monitored? In other words… a dedicated server?

It’s not required…
Just be sure to take a stable machine :smiley:

Ciao, Luca

You just have to take into effect the existing system resource requirements of your server(s) and what the hardware specs are. Personally, I prefer to dedicate Nagios to one server. However, we’ve also got a second server running Qmail and Nagios together. It really just depends on your situation.

But, like Luca said, make sure it’s a stable machine. My dedicated server works wonderfully, but the mail server has some sporadic issues.

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Ooops, I forgot to read the text of the message so…

Ask yourself one question and you should be able to figure out what to do.
Do you plan to monitor a couple services or thousands eventually?

I have thousands of things to check, so I doubt if anyone would like the fact that nagios has put my machine to it’s knees at times begging for more CPU horsepower. I run nagiostat too, so it’s one busy machine for sure.

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