Annoying Refresh jump back to 3.1.2 home page

Is there a way to fix an annoying Refresh jump back to 3.1.2 home page?

Say we drill down to view a “host” status. Then, if we tap the “refresh” button on our browser (Firefox, IE), we jump back to the Nagios “home” page.

this only started happening when we upgraded to 3.1.2.

Any way to fix this behavior?

We upgraded to Nagios 3.2.0 and still see the browser refresh (jump to Nagios home) problem.

Turns out Nagios 3.1.2 and onward has started to use multiple i-frames to present pages to the browsers.

So, when you hit the F4 refresh key, apparently the leftmost i-frame is handling the refresh which pops you back to the Nagios home page.

So, looks like we all have to train ourselves to start opening new windows when drilling down to view a host, or service check etc. Then, if you hit refresh, the focus will be on the active window, and not the multi i-framed Nagios main window.

Alternatively, you can always (in Firefox) right click on the frame you want to refresh, then select "“This Frame ->”, and then select “Reload Frame”.

While it isn’t an entire fix, I worked around this issue by changing the default landing page to the host group status summary page.
I located index.php (on my system /usr/share/nagios/index.php ) and edited the frame src line to point to “cgi-bin/status.cgi?hostgroup=all&style=summary” instead of main.php.
It has made my life easier. :slight_smile: