Application to Read from DB and creating a map



I am interested in using an application that is able to produce a graphical view of my infrastructure, dependencies, etc. I guess that NagVis is able to do this kind of thing. I also would like to obtain some info about a specific infrastructure when clicking on it (like state, resources, etc). I am not sure if NagVis does this.

At the same time, I have already a DB containing information about the infrastructure of an enterprise, ie, a DB containing a list of the components of my network and certain features of each one of them (type of server, capacity, etc). I can also add a way of creating dependencies between those components.

My question is:

  • Is Nagios capable (or is there any plugin) capable of reading a DB (for example MySQL), extracting this information and importing it to Nagios? I know that there are a couple of plugins that allow a graphical view of the network, so I guess this part of the problem would be easier to solve.

If Nagios does not allow this, do you know any kind of application that could offer this feature?

Thank you,