Assign a contactgroup to a hostgroup


I am in a rather large environment and have a large group of folks covering our servers. In many cases, these groups overlap.

I have created a script the scans a system, builds a Nagios services profile, then uploads it.

I have a list of contact groups that I statically entered.

What I would like to do, is assign a contactgroup to a hostgroup. For this to work, I can NOT edit the “define host” for each server. I need to do it with a separate entry.

Escilations would seem to fit the bill, but I would need to make an entry for every server\server to every group (tens of thousands of entries, by hand). :shock:

Ideas? Is this possible?


hostgroup doesn’t officially accept a contact group… but it MAY even work…

can’t you get this a bit easier by using different host templates for the different hosdtgroups instead of escalations?