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Nagios is primarily used for monitoring services on hosts, which usually are servers. Even though your servers might use DHCP (which is not a good idea IMHO) you have probably IP reservations so they always get the same one right ? I do not think that your servers are changing IP all the time…

Thus said, if I’m not mistaken you can put a hostname instead of an IP address in the “address” field (at least with 2.0), in which case it will work if your DHCP is registering into DNS. Problem with that is of course if your DNS goes down… Nagios will blow up red immediately :evil:

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Host names work in v1.2 also. It appears to be your only solution. That will become a big problem in your notifications though, like Clipper said, if the DNS server goes wacko, you won’t be able to resolve any names. If you can’t do that, Nagios is going to send out far too many emails/pagers. I suppose you could lessen that problem, if all hosts are a dependant on the service check of the DNS server.

BTW: it’s admirable to check all your hosts, but you are going to have a “Service Status Details For All Hosts” web page that is full of hosts that are down. This will be due to the PC simply being powered off for the night or whatever. Sending out notifications for ANY of these types is going to be futile. I can understand checking printers though. If and only if, they don’t power them off nightly.
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