Availability and schedule downtime


Hi Guys,

I`m trying to schedule downtime for service, using nagios 3.2.0.
I turn service into flexible downtime, but when i try to find out Availability of the servicve i see that that even the service is in scheduled downtime it Availability is shown as "OK-Unscheduled"
When i schedule downtime for service as fixed everything seems to be ok. Downtime is shown as OK-Scheduled

How can i force flexible downtime to bo as OK-Scheduled not as OK-Unscheduled.


With Flexible downtime, when the service is OK then there is no Scheduled Downtime. Okay, that was easy enough…

“Flexible” downtime is intended for times when you know that a host or service is going to be down for X minutes (or hours), but you don’t know exactly when that’ll start. When you schedule flexible downtime, Nagios will start the scheduled downtime sometime between the start and end times you specified. The downtime will last for as long as the duration you specified when you scheduled the downtime. This assumes that the host or service for which you scheduled flexible downtime either goes down (or becomes unreachable) or goes into a non-OK state sometime between the start and end times you specified. The time at which a host or service transitions to a problem state determines the time at which Nagios actually starts the downtime. The downtime will then last for the duration you specified, even if the host or service recovers before the downtime expires. This is done for a very good reason. As we all know, you might think you’ve got a problem fixed, but then have to restart a server ten times before it actually works right. Smart, eh?