Availability report and scheduled downtime



I run nagios to monitor certain processes that are running on servers. At the end of the month I produce an uptime report. In my uptime I include all uptime and any periods of scheduled downtime/maintenance. I.e. my uptime percent is everything except unscheduled downtime.

In nagios before taking a service down I schedule downtime for the processes via the web interface. When I go to availability reports and select the service the scheduled downtime is included in the


scheduling downtime only insures that people won’t be getting notifications during that time. That is ALL it does.
If the status goes critical, that is how it’s going to show up in the availability. Too bad huh? But it looks like we are stuck with it that way.


I know what you could do. For each service/host clik on “disable checks of this service/host” previous to taking them out of service.

That way, they would not be checked, they would stay in the OK state, and life is good. You wouldn’t even have to schedule downtime either, since it won’t be checked at all.


thanks for your suggestion - will give it a go