Availability report


Hi - I am running Nagios 1.2 and I have about 20 servers setup. At least 12 of these are setup in a hostgroup and have identical config settings.

The wierd thing is that some of them have proper data for the Availability report and some don’t. I can’t seem to find any reason why … some have uptime/downtime listed and some have downtime/unknown listed.

Any ideas?



I see no uptime/downtime in my availabilty report.
What I have is OK, warning, unknown, critical, undetermined. The docs explain what each of these mean. The reason one host/service may be different to another is due to the status returned by the service check performed. If the status was unknown, due to the service check not getting a reply from the device, but yet the device is up, then that is why you have different status’ in the report.


Thanks for the reply Jakkedup.

Problem is that the checks for the machines are identical, so they should all be returning a valid status. I am using hostgroups and all these servers are part of the hostgroup, thus the check for each server is the same.

Here is what I am seeing:
Host % Time Up % Time Down % Time Unreachable % Time Undetermined
server01 0.000% (0.000%) 0.000% (0.000%) 0.000% (0.000%) 100.000%
server02 0.000% (0.000%) 0.000% (0.000%) 0.000% (0.000%) 100.000%
server03 22.530% (94.409%) 1.334% (5.591%) 0.000% (0.000%) 76.136%
server04 0.000% (0.000%) 0.000% (0.000%) 0.000% (0.000%) 100.000%
server05 99.700% (99.700%) 0.300% (0.300%) 0.000% (0.000%) 0.000%
server06 95.392% (95.392%) 4.608% (4.608%) 0.000% (0.000%) 0.000%
server07 99.980% (99.980%) 0.020% (0.020%) 0.000% (0.000%) 0.000%
server08 99.973% (99.973%) 0.027% (0.027%) 0.000% (0.000%) 0.000%

As you can see…some have the time under “% Time Undetermined” and some have it correctly under “% Time Up”

What I can’t figure out is why? As I said, I am using hostgroups and I can’t see any difference between these…they are part of the hostgroup and the hostgroup has one entry per service check…how can they be coming back with different results?



possibly some servers never had a status change and nagios doesn’t know in which status they are as long as a check isn’t performed (i.e. all services are correctly running)



What are we looking at here? Host state breakdowns in the Availability report or service state breakdowns?
My guess is, that the host has not been checked yet. Nagios will not perform a host check unless a service for that host has failed. Perhaps for a host check by mucking with the service and making it fail.