AWS Linux Remote Host + Ping Down, Services Up!


New Remote Linux host I have added to my nagios monitoring
It is running out of Amazon Web Services.
Security group has icmp inbound ports 1-255 inbound from anywhere
IPtables has icmp inbound Accept from anywhere
I have nrpe + nagios installed on the remote linux host.

Services are coming up Green
Host is red
Ping is red.

Any assistance would be greatly appeciated.

Regards in advance


Can you ping the address of your remote host from the command line on your nagios box?


I can ping other linux hosts no problem
However no response when pinging from nagios box to this host running centOS 5


what happens with ping from another box to the monitored server? either it’s something on th enagios box (i’d exclude it) or it’s the remote box, get a third one and you could possibly know where th eproblem is :slight_smile: