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Hi all,
I’m back to nagios after a break of about two years (changed work and went away from IT… seems like i’m coming back)

A big deal of knowkledge is still there, but i’m getting problems with passive checks.

The scenario is that i need to monitor some processes running on servers where i only have limited access. (ie non privileged user)
What i’d like to do as an example is getting the system load values for a server using a public/private key login, the nagios users connects to the remote box, a forced command is executed (limitation in authorized_keys2) and the result is returned to a shell script on my nagios box. and this all works.

My problem is mainly a shell scripting problem… i need to fetch the result of ‘cat /proc/loadavg’ (something like “0.00 0.05 0.07 4/174 10711”) and parse it in a way i can feed it to the command file for a check_load passive check… before i reinvent the wheel… has anybody done this already and has a couple of pointers in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.