Basic newbie question: disconnected communications


Hello all,

I’m really new to Nagios because I just installed it yesterday. Runs fine for the tests, but now I will have to bring it to real life. My question is very basic but I didn’t found any valuable answers amoung the tons of documents about Nagios.

We have 200+ remote places with computers. We also have laptops. Sometimes thoses places are not reachable because of a network outage for example. As for laptops who are not always connected. I then think to use “agents” on those remote computers, and those agents have to store the datas when the Nagios server is unreachable. Once the Nagios server is available again, the “missing” datas are sent.

Is it already possible without doing heavy hacks ?

Many thanks.


Well, I think your prioriotry should be monitoring servers that are running critical applicaitons, services and etc. Although you could monitor all those laptos with nagios but I do not see the point. Are these all laptop providing any such serives ? or perhaps you just want to check if they are online /offline.

There are tons of documents in But again come back here if you get stucked, people will try to help you out.