Basic Questions

I had some basic questions regarding KVM, and would appreciate any help:)

I have been reading about the KVM architecture, and as I understand
it, the guest shows up as a regular process in the host itself…

I had some questions around that…

  1. Are the guest processes implemented as a control group within the
    overall VM process itself? Is the VM a kernel process or a user

  2. Is there a way for me to force some specific CPU/s to a guest, and
    those CPUs to be not used for any work on the host itself? Pinning is
    just making sure the vCPU runs on the same physical CPU always, I am
    looking for something more than that…

  3. If the host is compiled as a non pre-emptible kernel, kernel
    process run to completion until they give up the CPU themselves. In
    the context of a guest, I am trying to understand what that would mean
    in the context of KVM and guest VMs. If the VM is a user process, it
    means nothing, I wasnt sure as per (1).