By the way, thanks for all the help! Next question heheh


first off thanks to the users of this forum, I really do apprishate the help I’ve been getting its really been a godsend.

okay I’ve basically got everything setup on the machine thats running nagios that I want to moniter, its time to start adding numerous other boxes and I want to make sure I understand what I am going to add.

useing NRPE demon, I have installed and set it up and its running as a demon.

Anyone have a sample config file to use to issue commands to another machine outside of the localhost useing nrpe?


read the README that came with NRPE. It gives all of this.

Basically, if you want to check_disk, then define it. We can’t tell you what to check, since we don’t know what is important to you.


yah, was just looking for what to put in the nagios config, been diging through the readmes and such.


okay something odd

installed nrpe on remote machine which I wish to moniter, I have it running here is the top

91403 / 4 0 1284K 976K accept 0:00 0.00% 0.00% nrpe

also netstat tcp4 0 0 *.5666 . LISTEN

but when I try to run it via comand line I get

yoda# ./check_nrpe -H -p 5666 -c check_load
CHECK_NRPE: Received 0 bytes. Are we allowed to connect to the host?


from the host I can telnet to the remote also

yoda# telnet 5666
Connected to


only_from =

did you complete the instructions in the README. Please read them again. There is alot you have to do, to allow access.
And since the error indicates a connect problem, then I suspect you missed something in the README.