Can Access statuswml.cgi form IE


Hi Guys.
I’m having some trouble trying to access the wap interface, statuswml.cgi form
internet explorer, this is weird, from another machine with opera I can access it
wihtout any problem, the test is held in an intranet, so enable accees to anyone
I disabled authentication, by now, when I browse the page with the opera nagivator, there is n problem, but the other partners that have IE get a message if they
want to save to disk statuswml.cgi, but they can get acces to the nagios main windows
to check host status, the problem is with the cgi itself.

We are in the same subnet , the server hosting nagios is running apache 2 nagios 1.2 plugins 1.4 and suse 10.

Any ideas?


Since it works in opera (which must have a 3D plugin) and NOT in IE, then the IE browser must not have a 3D plugin to view 3D.


Run a search in the forums for 3D plugins to find a link to where you can download them. This topic’s been brought up a number of times.


Sorry for disturbing you, but could not find any reference about the 3d plug-ins in
the archives…



check for vrml plugins in google.