Can I install Nagios on web server?


I would like to install Nagios Core as a monitoring host on a RedHat installation hosting an internal apache page. I am new to this so am unsure if I can install Nagios and configure its web pages to work while still hosting this other internal page. What is the best way? Should I configure nagios to use another port besides 80?

Thank you for the help!


on one hand I am 100% sure this is possible and yes you should probably run on anther port.
On the other hand I strongly suggest that you dont do it on a live server if you have not done it before.

Just run on a virtual server somewhere. and if you really want to merge the services, test the merge in the virtual machine a few times first.
I don’t know how to do it myself but I am pretty sure this is one of those: If you have to ask… you shouldt mess with it.


Point taken!

Thank you.