Can service time periods inherit from host time periods?



I’m still somewhat new to using Nagios and am running into an issue I could use some assistance with. I have created a global service check for NTP for all of my hosts, this part works fine. The problem I am having is that not all of the hosts are 24 x 7 for monitoring. I have host templates for different notification periods (Business hours and 24 X 7), but the service checks are not honoring it. Is there any inheritence from the host notification periods or will I need to create seperate service templates for each time period?


Hosts and services have it’s own separate notification_period variable. Check this, for example: … ml#service … .html#host

In every host and service definition you could set it’s own notification_period. Or, you can set it in host template and service template, but host templates only affect hosts, and service templates only affect services.