Cannot see packets for specific ip address



new to using the Wireshark software and im and having problems setting up a capture

i am trying to monitor the incoming and outgoing packets from two specific ip address that are on two different subnets

we have an IBM iseries mainframe on a local address of

i have a Hp laser jet on a separate subnet with an ip address of

Currently i can only see packet info of the if i send a print job from the pc that hosts the wireshark software
if i send a print job from the IBM box i see nothing

im sure its just a config issue but i am completely unsure what i should be configuring… if anyone has a idea for me it would be greatly appreciatted



Generally, on a PC, wireshark only see packets from/to that PC.

Look at

I think it does not depend of wireshark itself.
It depends on libpcap, interface config and perhaps ethernet/wifi card and perhaps …

Look also at :