Cannot ssh to the linux(vmware virtual machine)

I install the vmware virtual machine in the win xp desktop.
I install the OS redhat linux into the vmware virutal machine .
After installation , I bootup the linux and I find the lan interface , eth0 ,eth1 ,eth2 cannot startup and failure …
I cannot ssh from the XP to the linux vrtual machine …
I have already create the eth adaptor in the virtual machine .
why ??? Is the lan card create wrong ???
What type of the lan card I need to create and use ???
any advice ???

I think Multiple LAN Connections - Different Locations - One Network Card. it’s possible to create multiple LAN connections on Windows XP Sp2.I was try 3 different Intel network cards with 82541 and 82574L chip-set but they do not work with original kexts ,Also tried the 82566mm driver and one of them get found properly but I get kernel panic… so no luck with these cards.

i had the same problem but its now fixed. thanks alairouston!

Check whether the content and permissions. Ssh / directory in your home and on nec1 NEC2 PC.or your opposition to it seems that the SSH server is running an older version of SSH. The SSH protocol version 2 has been the norm and standard with OpenSSH clients and servers for several years. SSH protocol version 1 had known security flaws and is very outdated.