Can't do anything when connected


I can’t find anything about anyone else having this problem. I’m not sure what’s going on though. I finally got TightVNC to connect to the server computer and the window pops up, yet I can’t actually DO anything. No mouse clicks, no drag selects, no typing, no keyboard, nothing. I just get a little pretend picture of what the computer is doing right now. Now, if I go to the server computer and move something or do something, I see it on the first computer. I just can’t do anything through the remote connection.

I can’t see any option or anything that would be blocking this. I will continue to look around and fool with it to see if I can’t figure it out, but meanwhile, any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT:: Nevermind. Apparently it will only work if I run the host in listen mode and go to the remote computer and add the host ip through it to connect it. If this is the only way I can get it to work, then it’s not worth it. I either have to keep the connection open all the time, or continually go back to the computer and add myself as a connection. Seems kinda weird but it works and lets me do stuff. Thanks anyway.