Can't mount KVM image file?


Tring to boot from a freeBSD image I created. But getting…
Booting from Hard Disk
Boot failed: could not read the boot disc


Using Unbuntu 12.4.1

Created image doing this
kvm-img create -f qcow2 freebsd.img 5G
kvm -m 256 -cdrom FreeBSD-9.0-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso -drive file=freebsd.img,if=scsi,index=0 -boot d -net nic -net user -nographic -vnc :1

Used default partions in install FreeBSD wizard.

Tring to mount image with …
kvm -m 256 -drive file=freebsd.img,if=scsi,index=0,boot=on -boot c -net nic -net user -nographic -vnc :1

Any ideas? Kinda stuck.