Cant view "status map" (and a few others) on web c



Found this on the nagios site, and this looks like my problem… … desc=false

I have installed “gd-2.0.33-1” and the problem has not gone away, I still get this error

Not Found

“The requested URL /nagios/cgi-bin/statusmap.cgi was not found on this server.
Apache Server at orange Port 80”

If I look in the cgi-bin area there are all the cgi files you would expect but no statusmap.cgi (and a couple of others missing). Now the fix on the website says to…

“Once you get the libraries installed on your system, run ‘make devclean’ in your Nagios source code distribution directory and rerun the configure script”

I dont really understand that, where is the “source code distribution directory” is that /user/local/sbin?? or is the original directory I done my ./configure from???

Any help with this would be great, other than this minor issue though this program rocks, and works ooo so nice…


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Sorry I fixed it, simple really after installing gd-2.0.33-1 I just un-tar’d the nagios tarball ./configure and so on (basically re-installed it over the top) and it worky…