Caturing via a USB to Ethernet converter


The PC I have used previously to capture ethernet traffic has died. I need to use a different one. I understand that Wireshark won’t run in Windows 8. This means that I need to use an older laptop that runs Windows 7. This laptop has only one ethernet port, and it does not have an expresscard slot (which I previously used to add a second Ethernet port so I could capture both directions using a passive tap). I therefore bough a USB to Ethernet adapter, which arrived today. It is an ANKER USB3.0 1GBPS NIC. It seems to have installed properly, and I can see it using ipconfig /all. It has received an IP address from my DHCP server, which I assume means that it is working properly. However, when I run Wireshark, it can’t find it. It does not apear in the Capture Interfaces window.

Will Wireshark work with a USB-to-Ethernet adapter?

If so, how do I get it to find the interface?

Thanks - Rowan