Centos 6: Installing to Logical Volume


I’ve been having a strange issue while attempting to install a Centos 6 guest directly to a logical volume. The disk is not recognized when I get to the installation screen which prompts for the drive you would like to install on.

I attempted installing both from the command line using this:

virt-install \ -n web-server \ -r 512 \ --vcpus=1 \ --os-variant=rhel6 \ --nographics \ -v \ -l /mnt/centos6/ \ -w bridge:br0 \ --disk path=/dev/mapper/vg_kvm-lv_webserver.vm \ -x "console=ttyS0"

I also attempted installing from the GUI and got the same result. Installing to an image file works as it should as the disk is recognized.

Has anyone experienced this or have any suggestions? Thanks!