Changing and modifying StatusMap

I was wondering, if it is possible to alter the way my servers appear in statusmaps. There are predefined layout methods which nagios offers. But i would like to change and represent my pictures in a different way. Like for example, i am attaching a screenshot of a statusmap.jpg image which i found, when exploring how other professionals have made use of nagios.
This looks really amazing.

Just insert a background image and select Used-suplied Coords. as Layout Method in the StatusMap. Then insert your own coords for each host/server in the hostextinfo.cfg using the 2d_coords parameter

in this case no user define coords are needed. You just need different icons and assign them to the different hosts. Oh and tell nagios to use a white background :slight_smile:


I agree with Luca, there appears to be nothing special about that statusmap that you posted. What is it that you are speaking of? The icons seems normal, the layout is drawn by nagios in the circular mode. Other than the detail to which the tech made the parent relationship in the hosts.cfg file, I see nothing else eye popping.

It you like the way he/she has 4 hosts connected to one host, which connects to… and so on, that is all done in the hosts.cfg file using the “parent” definition. Of which, I am a firm supporter of using.

Yes Sir Jakkedup, that was precisely what i was wondering, how to connect child hosts to parent hosts. Because the circular method connects all the hosts to a central nagios host.
Thanks sir luca and jakkedup for your inputs :slight_smile: