Changing nagios.cfg values by typing directly info to Nagios


Is this possible to create plugin which change nagios.cfg variables (i.e. service_check_timeout) by sending info directly into nagios pipe? And how to do that?


Hm, I’ve done something similar with the other .cfg files in which some variables were changed with a shell script using sed command and in place argument for sed. But there is a thing with reloading nagios, which is needed for changed configuration to make it work. I get the Warning state in nagios when change in .cfg takes place and then I manually reload nagios. Although nagios could be reloaded in a crontab or with event_handler but I don’t do it because if I would work in .cfg files at the moment nagios is reloading there would be tons of errors or mistake in configuration due to unfinished job of mine.


Hi, I have a similar requirement. Nagios FAQ says that adding any Host or Service definition necessitates a restart of nagios. This is also true for “changing” them, right? Is there no way to change the monitoring behaviour without restarting? Any api, add-on, anything? Because restarting nagios frequently is not acceptable in my case. Any recommendation will be appreciated.